These Things Go Together

So, here’s the deal: it is not acceptable to deny human and civil rights to people who are different than you. Maybe we could even argue that part of the responsibility that comes with your rights is making sure the people around you have those rights as well. You cannot enslave or segregate black people, you cannot exclude a woman’s vote, and you cannot deny civil marriage rights to gay couples. These things go together.

I’ve been reading Box Turtle Bulletin for the past few months and suggest you check out their series on “The Heterosexual Agenda” and “Anti-Gay Arguments We Don’t Bother With (And Should).” Today’s Iowa follow-up is another good read. Drawing parallels among civil rights issues is an important part in revealing the lies of opposing groups.

The fear-mongers will tell you that a man will now want to marry a dog, that your children will be harmed, and that the lesbian couple that lived together next door for twenty years will ruin your life the second they have a legal document classifying and protecting their relationship. This, of course, is all foolishness. And, as it should, the upholding of the constitution triumphs over foolishness.

May, “As goes Iowa, so goes the Nation,” be a forward movement again.


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